Holiday Recruitment

january-calendar - Public Domain

Delay your recruitment search through the holiday season and it may be late March before a candidate can start.

As Christmas approaches the urge to start a new hiring campaigns often takes a back seat.

As a result we tend to get a spike of hiring requests from businesses in February who have delayed the search for quality staff.
December and January are popular months for resignations, and you may need to move fast now to hire / replace key staff.
The solution? Keep your hiring process active over Christmas and into January.
Be pro active now for your recruitment for 2016.  With online job ads and recruitment activity declining you can beat your competitors partly because they have closed down! Reduced career opportunities increases your chances of attracting the best candidates.
So brief us on your needs, take your break and come back to viable shortlists early in the new year.

From axis direct best wishes for a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous 2016.