Recruitment Strategy at Risk


With economic  recovery and increased demand for goods and services, hiring becomes a hot button issue for many businesses.

Smart companies having cleaned house, soon discover what talent is missing from their teams and begin hiring to grow their market share.

We know from experience that hiring practices can be haphazard and ineffective in the rush to secure skills in demand.

As business recovers, will hiring come as a shock to your organization?

Will your knowledge of the candidate market, your internal recruitment team or a generalist agency be able to offer a recruitment solution that attracts the very best shortlist urgently?

Failure to secure the very best shortlist can lead to hiring “available” but not “great” candidates. At worst, you will need to start all over again in 6 or 12 months throwing away a large investment in recruitment, salaries and training.

axis direct helps clients to reboot their recruitment strategies and processes.    

We don’t replicate in-house recruitment practices but  provide an enhanced service to HR and line managers.

Using best practice, objective candidate Search and Selection methodologies, we promise to deliver a broader pool of qualified candidates drawn from more sources: our large database, Industry networks, competitor companies and smarter, targeted advertising.

axis direct  is paid on results – in identifying the best talent and potential – improving our clients’ performance – adding value to in-house recruitment capabilities and completing complex recruitment assignments in the shortest possible timeframe.